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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Unlock a House Door? Imagine yourself standing outside the door, without your key, incapable of entering the house. What would you do? Would you break the door or call for the nearest locksmith to save the day. Of course calling a locksmith.

Whether your house keys are broken, damaged, lost, or stolen, a locksmith is one who can help you in the quickest of time. However, do you know how much does a locksmith cost to unlock a house door?

It is always wise to know the market price before finding a locksmith. You need to know if the locksmith is reliable and providing you the service at authentic amount. Unaware of the average price may fall you a prey to locksmith scam. Surely you do not want that.

Bolt Locksmith NY is your best destination that will surely provide you reliable and quality service with their skilled and experienced technicians.

Locksmith Charges to Unlock a House Door

One of the most common reasons to call an emergency locksmith is a home lockout. On average, unlocking or changing locks for your home costs It depends on how many locks and what kind of lock do you need to unlock.

The charge usually covers every aspects: insurance, overhead, travel time, and the professional proficiency of your hired locksmith.

It takes only a couple of minutes for a locksmith to get you in. But, before any service you need to know if you are paying hourly or for the service.

Additional Expenditures

Usually the lockout services only charge you to get in. So, you need to pay additional costs if you want to rekey your locks or replace the locks.

Remember, rekeying and replacing of locks are not same things. Rekeying is rearranging the pins in the cylinder to render the old keys unworkable. It is cheaper than replacing.

Issues that Affect the Cost of Unlocking a House Door

Awareness of the market value is always important before hiring a locksmith. Several factors are there where your total cost depends. So, recognize them.


The type of your door lock is one major issue affecting the locksmith service charge.  It is essential to discuss the lock type and brand with your locksmith to get estimations. 

The deadbolts locks are of different types. Therefore, their charges may vary. On the other hand, if you have electronic or smart lock, you may need to pay more for replacement or repair.


Your location is another factor to consider before hiring a locksmith. The distance between your exact location and that of the locksmith indeed affects the service charges.

However, experts always recommend hiring a local locksmith to decrease travel costs and time.

Time, Day and Week

Though maximum locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services, the costs can offer at different hours of the day.

Obviously, if you will call a locksmith at late hour of the night, you may need to pay double the amount. The locksmith service charge also vary for weekdays and weekends.

So, be certain to check the working hour of your hired locksmith.


Charges of a locksmith service also depend on their availability. If it is a busy month or their schedule is already booked, then be ready to pay more.

Expertise of the Professional

The factor that affects the cost most is the expertise of the professional. If you are hiring professional industry locksmith service, the amount will be more than the average cost.

Safety Concerns

When it important to call the locksmith, make sure to follow some safety measurement.

  • If a locksmith is making a spare key for himself
  • Charging for unnecessary materials or faulty tasks
  • Sharing your personal information
  • Ask for legal confirmation of their registration, if possible

Why Calling Us

Experienced and expert locksmiths with reliable and excellence service is an exceptional combination. Bolt Locksmith NY definitely ensures this. In their effective and experienced hand your house is always safe and secure.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Unlock a House Door?
How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Unlock a House Door?
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