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Lost your ford key? Broke it? Or just need to buy a new shinier one with the remote in it? A key is by no means something irreplaceable, regardless of what happened to your key we got it covered. We can replace the key in little to no time and with minimum to dent to your bank account. The replacement can cost anywhere between $60-$450, which for sure is much cheaper than getting a new car because you lost your key. There is a tad bit of information that you should know before getting that replacement key. Along with the type of key, you should also see whether it requires programming or coding. In this modern-day and technologically advanced age, the ford keys like for Ford Fusion 2016 need to programmed while the older versions don’t. The whole reason behind this is the chip that exists in almost all models of Ford after than the year 1996. And it is this chip that needs to be coded on-site.

The coded keys do take a little slice of time, but if their codes are available readily, the remaining process is fast. At Bolt Locksmith NY, you are informed that the mechanical and technical precision and accuracy of our locksmith technicians far exceed others and this feat is only accomplished due to the years of hard work and blood sweat shedded to achieve years of experience.

The model of your Ford will also determine the process path we take to solve your issue. Cars older than 2010 require only the most basic cutting tools to forge the key while the newer version may need laser cut keys. The latter versions utilize more advanced machinery because of the complexity it brings with advanced security. Do the research on your car and come to us in either case.

When you choose us, you are guaranteed that your new crafted key is the perfect key for your Ford. We have all the necessary equipment to cut and program the key. And you can pick up the key to your ride at your own convenience.

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